• Non-religious-funeral
    Here are my top reasons why a Humanist funeral service is a great choice to celebrate the life of your loved one, or if you are planning your own funeral. Every service is especially created for the person who is being celebrated, so it’s truly personal in words and style
  • Garden Naming Ceremony
    If you are wondering what a naming ceremony is, don’t worry you’re not alone! Although they are rising in popularity lots of people haven’t heard the term and most have yet to experience one. I could quite simply say it’s like a non-religious christening, when the parents formally name their
  • Involving family and friends in your wedding ceremony
    There are plenty of ways you can involve your family and friends in your wedding ceremony so they feel part of your special celebration. Here’s a snap shot of some new ideas and those which are steeped in history but with a modern twist… Having your Dad ‘give you away’
  • Writing-your-own-wedding-vows, bespoke weddings
    Exchanging personal wedding vows to each other is a truly special moment in your big day. But how do you set about writing your own wedding vows? This might seem like a daunting prospect among everything else that’s on your long to do list in the build up to your
  • Hand fasting ceremony, humanist wedding, symbolic wedding gestures, sand blending
    Symbolic gestures add an extra dimension to any wedding ceremony making it more personal and memorable for you as a couple and your guests. There are plenty to choose from that work really well with humanist wedding ceremonies, here’s just a few of my current favourites… Hand fasting ceremony This
  • Couple with confetti
    A Humanist wedding is great for so many reasons, here are my top 10 of the moment: You can get married anywhere you like, assuming you have the landowner’s permission. So think beach, woodland, your favourite restaurant or even at home The words for your ceremony can be created to