10 reasons to choose a Humanist funeral service


Here are my top reasons why a Humanist funeral service is a great choice to celebrate the life of your loved one, or if you are planning your own funeral.

  • Every service is especially created for the person who is being celebrated, so it’s truly personal in words and style
  • Humanist funerals don’t have to sombre affairs, they can be filled with fun, laughter and colour while being heartfelt too
  • Anything goes so if you want live music, poetry, a one act play, or a glass of champagne we’ll make it work for you
  • If you want to speak at the funeral service but don’t know if you’ll be able to find the right words, we can write something for you to say on the day
  • We’re experts at conducting funeral services in crematoria, cemeteries and natural burial grounds, and more unusual settings too, and will create a service to suit the surroundings
  • We love hearing all about people’s lives and piecing together your memories into a story that tells of their journey through life
  • Funeral services don’t have to be religious, Humanist services suit those without faith, but if you want a prayer or hymn included just in case, that’s fine
  • You’ll receive a draft copy of the full script to review before the ceremony so you can make sure everything is just as you want it to be, and that all of the details are correct
  • Your loved one’s memory can be kept alive by choosing for their funeral script to be entered into the Humanist Funeral Tribute Archive so future generations can read about and understand their life
  • All Humanist Celebrants are trained and fully accredited, and we are regularly reviewed too so you can rest easy knowing that the service quality will be great

If that hasn’t convinced you, check out more details on the Humanists UK website or visit my Funeral Ceremonies page