10 Reasons to Choose a Humanist Wedding

Couple with confetti

Humanist weddings are great for so many reasons, here are my top 10 of the moment:

  1. You can get married anywhere you like, assuming you have the landowner’s permission. Think beach, woodland, your favourite restaurant or even at home
  2. The words for your ceremony can be created to say just what you want to, there are no rules here!
  3. Select a memorable symbolic ceremony from hand fasting, sand blending and broom jumping to a more traditional exchange of rings and hand blessings
  4. If you’d like to involve those close to you such as children or friends in your ceremony we can provide ideas on the best way to do this
  5. We love same sex marriages!
  6. You can have a humanist wedding in a licensed venue – do the legal bit then get personal with a humanist marriage ceremony following on
  7. If your partner’s family has a different belief or religion to your own, a humanist wedding ceremony offers a religious-neutral solution
  8. Your ceremony can be as unique as you are from your vows and readings through to your closing music
  9. All celebrants are fully accredited by Humanists UK and have been through rigorous training, quality comes as standard – no question
  10. Humanists believe in being kind to others, and the planet, and treating everyone well – wouldn’t it be great to have someone marry you with those values?

Let me know your reasons for choosing a humanist wedding celebration at stephanie@silverbeeceremonies.co.uk

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